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North Park Cabins & Park Model RV's 


is proud to be a member of the RVIA


Recreational Vehicle Industry Association




What is RVIA?


The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is the national trade

association representing recreation vehicle (RV) manufacturers and their

component parts suppliers who together build more than 98 percent of

all RVs produced in the U.S. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C.

suburb of Reston, Virginia, RVIA is a unifying force for safety and

professionalism within the RV industry and works with both federal and

state government agencies to protect the interests of its members.

 RVIA maintains an inspection program to monitor compliance of the

plumbing, heating, fire and life safety, and the electrical systems of the

RVs manufactured by its members in conformance to the ANSI/NFPA

1192 standard for RVs.  RVIA also provides an on-going Federal Motor

Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) education program for its members.




1. What is a park model RV?


 For the legal definition of a park model RV, please visit the


RVIA Park Model RV's Definition and Use page here:




2. How long have people been building these seasonal units?


  Park model RV's have been manufactured since the


middle 70's. They were mainly sold in the southern


states, mostly in Florida, where there was a great demand for them. 




3. Where can I put my recreational park trailer?


    They can be located on your own land, or in existing campgrounds and


resorts around the United States.


Contact your local zoning office to determine


if your land allows a travel trailer.




4. Is a recreational park trailer or cabin a permanent residence?


    No. A park model RV is designed specifically for mobility and to


use as temporary seasonal lodging.




5. Do these park trailers come in various floor plans and sizes?


    YES!! We have many standard floor plans available, ranging


from single bedroom units to loft multi-sleeper units.


Each park model RV we sell can be redesigned to


suit the customer's personal needs and that's not


something every manufacturer can do!


Most importantly, all of the park model RV's we build fall within the 


400 sq. ft.rule which is the largest recreational vehicle allowed


in most campgrounds and there are no property taxes!




6. Property Tax Free?!


    These are classified as a recreational park trailer (RV) and they do not


become permanent property unless you attach other permanent


property to them. You will need to contact your local zoning


department for exact details. It will be helpful to come prepared with


as much information as possible and ask a lot of questions. Recreational


park trailers are relatively new to the Midwest and not all zoning


departments have experience with them. Call us if we can help!




7. If I purchase a park trailer that has a loft area, is the loft  


    area included in the maximum 400 sq. ft.?


     No. Vertical multi-level additions, such as lofts (mezzanines), or


overhead storage with a maximum ceiling height of 5 feet are not


included in the 400 sq.ft. allowed by law.




8. What can a loft be used for?


    Since the maximum height of a loft is only 5 feet, the area is good for


sleeping or as a play area for children or grandchildren. It can also be


used as a storage area for miscellaneous items.




9. Who will deliver my new park model RV?


     We can deliver to the surrounding states via our own truck, or set up 


      delivery for farther destinations.




10. How long will it take from the time of my order to receive


delivery of my park model RV?


     It can take from 8-12 weeks to complete construction and deliver


     your custom built park model RV, depending on your specifications.



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